Courbis Groupe


Stamping on single and dual-action elastomers

Emboutissage titane et inox

This expertise, which is unique and distinctive to COURBIS INDUSTRIES, allows us to make small and medium-run parts.

In particular, it avoids the production of a punch or die in the shape of the part with the added benefit that it does not leave scratch marks on the part.

A wide range of parts can be made from sheet metal titanium, aluminium, stainless steel or copper with a guarantee that the surface condition and precision will meet your requirements.

The applications relate in particular to areas where quality is at a premium, such as the aeronautical and nuclear industries, the military, but also rail, civil engineering and capital goods.

This process using dedicated tooling also allows us to make blow-moulded parts that cannot be made satisfactorily by any other method (e.g. blow moulding of pipe with 1 sphere pierced by 4 holes).

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